How to take care of your hair extensions…

  1. Wash and condition once every 2 weeks.
  2. Always use a heat protectant when applying heat.
  3. Use a serum or Argan Oil when hair is still wet to improve shine and help with dry ends.
  4. Air dry hair as much as possible or consult a hairstylist should you prefer a blow out instead.
  5. Do an intensive deep conditioning treatment once a month.
  6. Brush hair regularly to avoid tangling.

What causes your lace to shed?

  • Applying too much conditioner on the knots of the unit can cause the knots to loosen and hair to fall out. This also can cause a build-up of bacteria on the unit, which then can cause the hair on the lace to fall out.
  • Not conditioning the actual hair enough. If you don't condition the hair enough, it will become dry and brittle and break off.
  • Combing tangled hair with a vent brush. If you do this, you will pull the hair out and cause breakage or bald spots. This is especially dangerous when the hair is wet and at its most vulnerable.
  • Combing tangles out from the root. This is another great way to rip hair out of the base. Always start at the ends and work your way to the base with a wide tooth comb.
  • Using hair accessories that are breaking the hair, consistent use of tight barrettes or hair ties can cause breakage.
  • Heat styling too often. Blow drying, curling or flat ironing with high heat on a regular basis causes the hair to dry out and break off. "Blowing out" your hair with a blow dryer and round brush can also pull hairs out.
  • Using hair products with harsh alcohols in them. Harsh chemicals can cause the hair to dry out and subsequently break off.


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